The Studio Acklam 

 Dance, Fitness & Theatrical Arts 


Classes at The Studio:



Celebrated for it's beauty, ballet trains the body carefully, developing strength, control co-ordination and correct posture of alignment as well as a heightened sense of grace and fluidity.  Ballet can be intensely satisfying and enjoyable to pursue.  We offer classes in ballet from the age of 3 years and recommend children learn ballet as a sound technique provides an easy transition into other forms of dance.  Dancing is like dreaming with your feet.


If you enjoy music and just can't keep your feet still then tap dancing is for you!  Tap is percussive dance where dancers create rhythms by drumming on the floor with special shoes with metal taps.  We offer classes to children from the age of 3 years. In a very short space of time you can gain a real sense of accomplishment.  Be heard as well as seen!


Vibrant and energetic, modern/jazz includes movements such as kicks, leaps, various turns, cartwheels and  splits!  Dances are choreographed to musicals as well as the latest releases and guarantee you leave the studio with a smile on your face and a sense of achievement!

Street Dance

A fusion where the grace of jazz is mixed with the groove of hip-hop, r'n'b with a little old school and funk thrown in for good measure.  Aimed at the older child, street is presently the latest most fashionable dance craze and is a popular choice for boys. Designed with you in mind, amazing dances taught in an easy to follow way.  Come and see what your mind and body are able to do!

Cheer Dance

If you like High School Musical then you will love cheer dance!  Come and learn all the basic skills to advance in the sport, from jumps and kicks, to mastering balances and stunts!  A fun and energetic class where you get to shout cheers and shake pom poms!!