The Studio

 Dance, Fitness & Theatrical Arts 


DAY                                      ACTIVITY                                                              CONTACT


  10.30-12noon                 YOGA                                               Marnie 07577773554

  2.45-3.45pm                  Private Booking

  4.00-5.00pm                  Tap and Modern  L1/2                                 J9 Dance 07935234407

  5.00-5.30pm                   Ballet L2

  5.30- 6.00pm                 Performance class

  6.00- 7.00pm                 Tap and Modern Jazz  L3

  6.30- 7.30pm                 Modern Jazz and Tap   L4

  8.15- 8.45pm                  Pilates                                                                 Emma  07944593441



10.00-11.00am                Egyptian Belly Dance next class 12th September Glennis  01642475121

11.30-12.30am              Keep Fit for mature ladies                                            Myra  

  5.00-6.00pm               Private Booking

  6.15-7.15pm                 Sokudo Karate                                        Abdu     01642823783

  7.30-8.15pm              Trigger Point Pilates                              Emma   07944593441



 10.00-1.00pm                 Available for hire

  2.00-3.00pm                  Keep Fit for mature ladies                             Myra

  5.00-7.00pm                  Slimming World                                      Trish    01642826399

  7.00-9.00pm                  Slimming World                                    Trish



10.00-4.00pm                 Available for hire

 5.00-6.00pm                  Acro-Stretch  5+ years

 6.00-6.30pm                  Cheer Dance   5+ years                                    J9 Dance      

 6.30-7.00pm                   Street Dance    7+ years                                    07935234407

 7.15-7.45pm                    Pilates (suitable for bad backs)       Emma  07944593441

 7.45-8.30pm                   Power Yoga                                      Emma   07944593441



10.00-2.00pm                  Available for hire           

 2.45 -3.45pm                   Private Booking

 4.00 -5.30pm                  Private Booking 

 6.00-8.30pm                   Private Booking



  9.00-9.30am                    Tiny Tots Dance                                          J9 Dance 

  9.30-10.00am                  Ballet   P1  

10.00-10.30am                  Tap and Modern  P1         

10.30-11.00am                   Ballet   P2                

11.00-11.30am                   Tap and Modern  P2

11.30-12 noon                    Ballet L1

12.00-12.30pm                  Performance Class

12.30- 1.00pm                   Ballet L3

  1.00- 1.30pm                   Ballet L4

  1.30- 2.00pm                  Pointe class

  2.00- 2.30pm                  Ballet L5                   

  3.00- 6.00pm                  Available for hire



 10.00-6.00pm                  Available for hire